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Work with me

I find that there are typically two types of financial experts in the world - the ones that tell you to mercilessly cut all spending and the ones who encourage you to “just change your mindset”.
I’m neither of those.
I focus on what having a rich life means to you, right now and in the future. 


It doesn’t really matter how successful or unsuccessful you are right now.

What matters is whether or not your habits are putting you on the path towards success.


I help you get clarity around your values and priorities,

get control of your current situation and your future,

and make a momentous change in your relationship with money.

Let’s discover what works for you - momentously


Sarah has a phenomenal talent of asking the right questions at the right time during our sessions which has really prompted me to break through several of my limiting beliefs around money. After just three sessions I started seeing how my relationship to financial decisions in my life had shifted to a place of love and not fear - so grateful for this journey already & such a fan of Sarah’s approach!



Name, Title

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In this zero fluff 90 minute session we will strategize the next steps for you to get a more fulfilling experience of life and money, covering everything from numbers to emotions.  

When booking, please fill out the questionnaire
- and get detailed!  

We want to make the most of our time together!

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In this deep diving 2 month program we work together to get your financial life to exactly where you want it. You get hands on guidance, with full support and accountability

This is by application only! 
After you apply, we will schedule a free 30 minute discovery call to see if we are a good fit.

More of a self learner? Check out the academy!

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